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Lolita fashion book - Translation 2 (Classic Lolita)

It took some time, but here we are again. Part 2 of the Lolita Fashion book - classic lolita!

Before posting I would I like to remind you about the following:
The book is Misako Aoki's copyright, this is just a fan translation.
I did not translate the contents of the book exactly as they are written - word by word. I translate in a manner that allows the text to keep it's original poetic feeling and nuance.

Lolita fashion book part 2
Classic Lolita 

About the classic lolita style

This style is a ladylike, elegant and refined lolita style, inspired by the Rococo and Victorian eras. It is called classic lolita and often shortened to kuraloli in Japanese. Even though all lolita styles take their inspiration in the Rococo and Victorian periods, the classical European fashion taste can especially be seen in this lolita sub-style. Classic lolita still has the girly elements characteristic to the lolita style, but also has a more adult, nostalgic atmosphere to it. One of the main characteristics of the classic lolita style are the colors and patterns used. Natural combinations of colors such as brown and dark red are preferred. Many patterns take inspiration from things like rococo lacquer-ware and wallpapers - roses and other flowers are often in focus. Around the year 2012 a picture-like, gorgeous textile was introduced and is now one of the standard features of the classic lolita style. Gobelin tapestry and jacquard fabrics have also become quite popular. 

If I would give a general description of the classic lolita style, I'd say that compared to a style like sweet lolita, it is a simpler, adult-like style, that often follows an antique color scheme. The collar, hem and cuffs of the dresses are usually the main points that are decorated with lace. Empire line type of dresses and dresses with a bit narrower, longer skirts (than in other lolita styles) are common, it is a a style particularly popular with older/adult lolitas. Another popular design in the classic lolita style is to have a  bustle design on the skirt, this is to give the rear part of the dress/skirt more volume.

A classic Lolita coordinate:

As the name classic lolita suggests, it is an adult-like calm lolita style, which is heavily influenced by classic and antique culture. The focus of this style is to recreate the fashion of a well dressed, ladylike European girl. Let's play around and make a calm coordinate, with overall smoky colors and with a color scheme of dark red and brown. 

Choosing a blouse with a stand-up collar gives an outfit an extra classical feeling. A bit longer skirt length is popular in classic lolita. One piece dresses with a schoolgirl-like, tidy looking feel are also popular. Skirts often have flower patterns. Instead of combining cute elements with the classic lolita style, I suggest adding chick elements to emphasize the classical atmosphere of the outfit. As for the hair arrangement, I would recommend accessories such as bonnets and headdresses/bows decorated with flowers. A bag shaped like a book or a violin gives a coordination that extra little something. It is better not to over accessorize, like in sweet lolita, but instead put the emphasis on fewer, well chosen accessories.

Point 1
Choosing gloves and shoes in darker colors helps to bring the whole coordinate together. 

Point 2
This coordinate is based on a smoky pink color with addition of brown/dark red elements. Accessories are chosen in the same color scheme. 

Point 3
Embroidery suits the classic lolita style really well. The collar on the dress is one of the places where roses are embroidered to give the dress an additional touch of elegance. 

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