Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Vienna – day 1 Friday

Long time no posts, sorry guys! As some of you might already know, I was in Vienna for the weekend to attend the Metamorphose tea-party! ( ^ w ^ ) The week before that was super crazy for me, since I worked and had school every day – hence no posts. But now I’m finally home and have time to share my experience with you.

I came to Vienna on Friday afternoon and immediately got lost. XD Apparently there are many more train stations in Vienna than I thought and I was waiting for my friends at the wrong one. Haha So it took about 2 hours for me to meet up my friends and then it was off the apartment where we stayed to leave my bags and grab some food.

In the evening there was a small meetup at Prater and I got to meet many cute and nice people; which I am really happy about! :D

I don't have any outfit picture from Friday... but here I am looking derp with a cute train. Notice the driver making the V sigh haha

I love all the old building around the park! <3

It’s awesome that lolita fashion is popular in so many countries and that we get to hang out together! Sadly we didn’t take any group photos… but here is a photo of me and Alice aka kimchi pirate who came from Russia. My first time meeting a fellow Russian lolita <3  

Prater was a really nice amusement park. I like the fact that it is free to enter and you only need to pay to ride the attractions. We all got on the famous ferris wheel and actually fitted into one cabin (or a small house – which it resembled more). 

View from the top!

Before the entrance to the attraction there was a small exhibition of cute city landscapes. Here is a miniature ferris wheel  and a mini-tram:

Since I have never been to Vienna it was really fun to see a bit of the city, I’m just sad I didn’t  get to explore it more. I guess I’ll have to visit again sometime!

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