Friday, 9 October 2015

Outfit snap - very brown

I wore this simple outfit on a busy day, when I first had a morning lecture at my university and then met up with a friend in the evening. It was a bit hectic in the morning and I really stressed a lot, so I didn't have time to take photos. Therefore the photos were taken in the evening when I came back home and are pretty dark and yellow-brownish. Sorry! ( >__< )

Its getting cold in Sweden so wearing a jacket is a must now. I decided I could just as well take a jacket photo. ( ^  ^ )

I really like this dress! I have a weakness when it comes to prints with pretty cutlery, specially if the cutlery is antique. haha

Dress, socks and hair accessories: Innocent world
Blouse, necklace: BABY
Shoes: Emily Temple Cute
Jacket: Angelic Pretty (on the first photo)

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  1. Wow this looks really mature and still cute on you, I mean this in good way!