Sunday, 1 November 2015

Halloween 2015

It's Halloween! (or at least it was yesterday xD) Did you guys do anything fun? Personally I didn't really do anything special... I didn't go to any Halloween party or even watch a scary movie. ( T___T ) Instead I had a small "Halloween" themed, gothic lolita photo shoot! ( ^ w ^ ) Sadly it was nothing too creative, as I have been working all week, but I tried to create a certain type of feeling. Something like some old looking photos of a gothic doll.

Here comes quite the photo spam, as I couldn't choose fever favorite photos to post.

Most of the photos were taken in Lund cathedral or Lunds Domkyrka in Swedish. 
This is in the crypt~ spooky! :P

I am very holy, I glow!

Pretty candle <3

I love this photo,  I think it really has a vintage photo look. ( ^  ^ )

This old bench is an awesome place for gothic style photos. 
I think you have already noticed that I really liked posing there for photos XD

Looking just a tad evil ;)

And a photo of my whole outfit, just outside the church doors.

This whole photo shoot was done in an hour or so, it was really stressful as there were lots of people in church that day. I somehow forgot the fact that many people come to church on the 31st and that it wasn't the best day for taking photos... ( > < ) I'm still happy with the result though! 

Hope you liked it too~ <3

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  1. Ser ändå bra ut :)
    Har du en fotograf eller gör du det själv?

    Minns att vi pratade om att jag ville göra ett fotoprojekt om lolitor, men du flyttade till Japan då.. haha sån otur, för mig då ;)
    Hoppas du fortfarande är med på idén när/om du kommer tillbaka :)