Sunday, 29 November 2015

Gothenburg Games - fashion show and lecture

I haven't updated here in a whole month now, sorry! ( ;___; ) November has been a long month with lot's of work and study, but little fun... I did attend an event in Gothenburg though. I was lucky to be  invited there to hold a small lecture on Japanese fashion (mostly lolita) and to be a part of a fashion show. It was a lot of fun to be able to actively spread some knowledge about Japanese fashion and to meet fellow J-fashion lovers from Gothenburg. I hope I can attend more events in the future! ( ^ w ^ )

Since I was on stage talking I didn't get lots of chances to take photos, but here are some photos my bf managed to snap! (It was dark, so sorry for the crappy quality)

This is my first "official" lecture about Japanese fashion as a Kawaii Ambassador. :3

2 cute lolitas from the fashion show <3

Colorful decora girls!

Linn was the organizer for the fashion show. She really did a great job!

and me

Somebody came and stood in the middle of the photo xD

After the fashion show we also did a small talk about the outfits the girls were wearing. 

This was my outfit for the day. ( ^  ^ )
This was an awesome art exhibition in one of the halls at the venue, so of course I had to take a photo  haha

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