Monday, 31 August 2015

Baby the Stars Shine Bright tea party

Here comes the second part of my adventures at Frill Fest 2015 - the Baby the Stars Shine Bright tea party! ( ^ ^ )

The tea party was held at Skansen Kronan in Gothenburg. The venue is an old fortress and we had the whole building booked for the tea party which was really cool.

Just arrived and getting ready

I didn't know anything about the table arrangements beforehand and was pleasantly surprised about the fact that I was given a place at the VIP table with our BABY guests. I must say that being the translator for this event was really awesome!! The other 3 vacant seats at our table were raffled to the VIP guests, which I think was a really great idea.


A bit sneaky picture of the food (which we already ate most of) and Misako/BABY's designer

Besides eating really nice food, drinking tea or coffee there was a raffle with LOTS of prizes! Everyone got a prize which was really fun. I won a pretty sticker sponsored by Hellocon. ( ^ u ^ ) After eating all the food and raffling we headed out to take photos. All the VIPs got to take a photo with the guests from BABY and then it was back in to the venue and the 2 best dressed guests were announced. There was a prize for best Baby the Stars Shine Bright coord and one for  the best Alice and the Pirates coord. I think it was a really difficult task to choose just 2 winners, there were so many really stunning coords! The last part was taking group pictures, separate pictures, selfies and even more pictures. (haha)

I tried to take pictures, but as always, in the end I didn't really get many pictures taken. Anyhow, here are some pictures I did manage to snap.

Me and all of the BABY guests <3

Not really the 'everyone in a group photo'... but a group photo nevertheless XD

This was my first tea party experience and I must say that I love it! I hope I can attend many tea parties in the future and hopefully be useful and help to arrange and translate too~

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